International Remittance

The local partner you need, wherever you are

Paramount has navigated through the regulatory complexity so remittance merchants avoid the underwriting and contracting associated with obtaining bank accounts in new jurisdictions.

Market benefits

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Bank Support
Paramount enables secure bank transfers for senders and recipients in more than 30 countries. Extensive bank support across supported countries has made us a valuable partner to the largest, most trusted merchants in international remittance.
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High Conversion
All of our transactions feature closed loop transaction flows, with no offline processes or micro-deposit verification steps, to help your customers receive their funds faster.
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Send and Receive
Our bank balances across supported jurisdictions can eliminate the wait times associated with sending wires, and Paramount’s competitive F/X and solution pricing ensures that more money ends up where it belongs – in your customers’ pockets.

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Case study | TransferWise

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The Business Need: 

A single vendor to provide verification and payment processing expertise across multiple jurisdictions.

Result: In short, trust. TransferWise relies on Paramount as a vital partner for consumer verification and remittance pay-ins (senders) and payouts (recipients) in multiple countries, and our two organizations are actively seeking new opportunities to expand the relationship.

TransferWise especially values Paramount’s commitment to its customers, as demonstrated when Paramount was called on to assist in the wake of a natural disaster. There was a tremendous spike in the volume of funds being remitted to the affected area and an urgent need for people to receive these funds quickly. Paramount took an all hands on deck” approach and ensured that TransferWise’s customers were well taken care of in their time of need.