How To Better Reach Canadian Players

How To Better Reach Canadian Players cover

How To Better Reach Canadian Players

May 19, 2022

With the launch of a new iGaming market, merchants always face the challenging task of differentiating their platforms in order to attract players within the region. Recently, Ontario’s newly regulated iGaming market has been the battlefield for prominent international iGaming and sports betting merchants expanding into Canada. Operators have been using messaging, innovative payments technology, and responsible gaming initiatives to attract consumers to their platform. Here are three ways merchants can better reach Canadian players as they expand their brand in Ontario.


Merchants moving into Ontario, need to realize that Canada is very different from the US when it comes to messaging. Due to Canada being an established gaming market before regulation, merchants will need to communicate with players about the importance of engaging in gaming activities with licensed and registered merchants in the province. Signing up with an operator who has met all of AGCO’s (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario) and iGaming Ontario’s requirements, means it is an operator who has and will keep taking necessary steps to make consumer protection their top priority. Meeting the regulatory requirements set by Ontario’s iGaming bodies includes the following practices:

  1. Protect individuals who are underage, at high risk, and have self-excluded themselves from online gambling by using responsible messaging. 

  2. iGaming operators must not misguide consumers through advertisements of their products or promotions. Offers cannot promote excessive play or require players to incur substantial losses.

  3. To tackle gambling-related problems, iGaming operators may only advertise inducements, bonuses, and credits on their websites.

Using the regulatory requirements set by the AGCO and iGaming Ontario, merchants can put an emphasis on messaging in order to attract players to their platform. Additionally, to better reach consumers, merchants will also need to take include messaging that highlights sports and leagues that Canadians are familiar with such as CFL or lacrosse. To read more about messaging and regulations in Ontario, click here.

Payments Technology

Another way to better reach Canadian players is through payment technology. Offering payment solutions that Canadian players are familiar with will make it easier for them in choosing a gaming platform also while alleviating them from the burden of cash advance fees or credit card rejections. Paramount Commerce offers bank account-based payment solutions such as INTERAC®, INSTADEBIT, and iDebit which offer secure transactions, strong bank connections, no hidden bank fees, and are known Canadian payment brands. INTERAC is the fastest-growing payment option for Canadian players which is offered by Paramount Commerce. Paramount Commerce’s payment solutions are fully compliant with the province’s iGaming standards and are offered on most iGaming and sports betting platforms in Ontario. To better reach Canadian players, it is extremely important to use payment methods they are familiar with as it will help in building trust between players and operators. To read more about our payment solutions, click here.

Responsible Gaming

Lastly, another important component securing the trust of players in Canada is responsible gaming initiatives. Ontario’s iGaming body, iGaming Ontario, has also laid out some responsible gaming requirements which must be met by iGaming merchants moving into the province. While iGaming Ontario’s responsible gaming rules include an advertising component, it also incorporates dedicated responsible gaming campaigns. According to the responsible gaming rules set by iGaming Ontario, iGaming operators moving into Ontario must also commit a portion of their gross gaming revenue generated in the province towards problem gambling prevention and responsible gaming campaigns. This revenue commitment will be encouraged to be implemented during the first year of Ontario’s iGaming market launch, after a year it will become a requirement. This requirement set by iGaming Ontario will give consumers the resources to understand how to responsibly enjoy online gaming. Ensuring all the necessary responsible gaming tools are available and provided to players will allow operators to build a stronger with their consumers. To read more about our responsible gaming in Ontario, click here.

Building a connection with consumers in a newly regulated iGaming market can be a daunting task. But by using effective messaging, well-known payment solutions, and valuable responsible gaming initiatives, operators will be able to better reach and attract new consumers to their platform. 

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