Responsible Canada: How Ontario Government Agencies Are Helping iGaming Consumers

Responsible Canada: How Ontario Government Agencies Are Helping iGaming Consumers cover

Responsible Canada: How Ontario Government Agencies Are Helping iGaming Consumers

April 7, 2022

The launch of Ontario’s iGaming market is one that the international online gaming community is looking forward to. And with Ontario’s regulated iGaming market opening up, consumer protection is one of the most important components in the province’s iGaming framework. Through responsible gaming initiatives and advertising, the province’s online gaming agencies aim to protect and educate consumers.

With single-event sports betting being legalized throughout Canada last year, players in provinces such as British Columbia or Ontario were more inclined to partake in sports betting and iGaming through their province-ran online casinos. As more players began participating in online gaming, the online gaming standards, which include responsible gaming policies, set by government agencies such as the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario became even more essential. These standards continue to help both province-ran online casinos, and international merchants who are moving into Ontario’s regulated iGaming market in April. As stated on their website, AGCO’s top priority is responsible gambling. One of the ways AGCO aims to educate consumers on responsible gambling is through proper advertising. AGCO’s three main advertising rules for iGaming operators include:

  • Protecting individuals who are underage, at high risk, and have self-excluded themselves from online gambling.

  • Not misguiding consumers through advertisements of their products or promotions. 

  • Inducements, bonuses, and credits are to be advertised only on the iGaming merchant’s websites; and handled safely through direct marketing to players.

These advertising standards set by AGCO will ensure that players have a safe and fun gaming experience.

Additionally, Ontario’s iGaming body, iGaming Ontario, has also laid out some responsible gaming requirements which must be met by iGaming merchants moving into the province. While iGaming Ontario’s responsible gaming rules include an advertising component, it also incorporates dedicated responsible gaming campaigns. According to the responsible gaming rules set by iGO, iGaming operators moving into Ontario must also commit a portion of their gross gaming revenue generated in the province towards problem gambling prevention and responsible gaming campaigns. This revenue commitment will be encouraged to be implemented during the first year of Ontario’s iGaming market launch, after a year it will become a requirement. This component set by iGO will give consumers the resources to understand how to responsibly enjoy online gaming.

Responsible gaming efforts set by government agencies and implemented by iGaming merchants will play a major role in consumer protection and education. With components such as responsible advertising and responsible gaming campaigns, new iGaming markets such as Ontario’s will allow consumers to have a more enjoyable and safe online gaming experience.

Ontario’s iGaming market went live on April 4th, 2022. To find out more about expanding into Canada, please get in touch with our experts or visit us at Booth N2–230 at ICE London 2022 from April 12th to April 14th, 2022.

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