Why Sports Betting Merchants Choose Paramount For Super Bowl Success

Why Sports Betting Merchants Choose Paramount For Super Bowl Success cover

Why Sports Betting Merchants Choose Paramount For Super Bowl Success

February 6, 2024

Super Bowl LVIII feels like déjà vu. Who would have thought the Kansas City Chiefs would face the San Francisco 49ers four Super Bowls later? 

While we can’t promise a particular outcome or a glimpse of Taylor Swift,  what we can promise is that we are ready for the biggest sporting event of the year. We have huddled together, planned our plays, and are ready to ensure that payments are frictionless before, during, and after the game. Check out why we are the number one payment pick for major sporting events.

Instant Payments: With both INTERAC® and Instant Bank Transfer, funds are loaded instantly into a consumer’s gaming wallet. This means customers can load funds pre-game giving them peace of mind they’re ready for the big day. Instant deposits are also critical for in-game bets, so consumers can be part of the action. Plus, Instant Bank Transfer offers features like One-Click Repeat Deposits and in-game deposits. These features enable users to swiftly and securely add funds to their online gaming accounts without disrupting their gaming experience. On the flip side, instant withdrawals are just as important. Building loyalty with both new and existing customers with instant access to their winnings through INTERAC

Compliant Solutions: Paramount Commerce takes pride in offering compliant payment solutions. With the ability to verify bank account ownership on both deposits and withdrawals, our solutions meet the highest standards of security and regulatory requirements. For the Super Bowl, where millions of dollars in bets are made, having a payment partner with industry-leading features is crucial. This gives peace of mind to sports betting operators for the big game.

Multiple Bank Partners: With 20 years of industry connections, Paramount Commerce has built strong bank connections with multiple Tier 1 Top 5 banks in Canada. On the rare occasion that a bank has an issue,  we can switch to another for uninterrupted service. This is essential for big sporting events such as the Super Bowl where customers are looking to make quick wagers in real time. Our strong bank connections are the foundation for a seamless user experience which is essential to not only meet but exceed consumer expectations.

Machine Learning-Backed Risk Management: Paramount Commerce has integrated machine learning technology into its robust risk management system platform. This will ensure that fraudulent activities are promptly identified and mitigated, safeguarding both operators and consumers from potential financial threats. The adaptive nature of machine learning means that Paramount Commerce stays ahead of evolving risks, providing a secure environment for the high volume of transactions during the Super Bowl.

24/7 Customer Support: In a fast-paced event such as the Super Bowl time is of the essence. Having access to 24/7 customer support is critical. Paramount Commerce understands the importance of immediate assistance and ensures that its dedicated customer support team is available around the clock. Whether it’s addressing technical issues, providing guidance on payment processes, or resolving any concerns, we’ve stacked our support teams to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience for all operators and consumers.

By offering compliant solutions, multiple bank connections, machine learning-backed risk management, and 24/7 customer support, Paramount Commerce has established itself as the most trusted payment partner for major sporting events such as the Super Bowl. By choosing Paramount Commerce, sports betting operators and their consumers can enjoy the benefits of secure, diverse, and innovative payment solutions, contributing to a smooth betting experience during the Super Bowl.

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