Super Bowl 58 Brings Growth For North America’s Gaming Industry

Super Bowl 58 Brings Growth For North America’s Gaming Industry cover

Super Bowl 58 Brings Growth For North America’s Gaming Industry

February 15, 2024

Super Bowl 58 was a thrilling clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. But beyond the touchdowns and the superb halftime show, Super Bowl 58 left an important mark on the world of sports betting in North America. This year’s big game hit new sports betting records.

In the weeks leading up to Super Bowl 58, the American Gaming Association (AGA) conducted a survey that estimated 67.8 million Americans were expected to wager $23.1 billion on the game. This estimation indicated that there was a growing interest in placing a bet on this year’s Super Bowl, which could in part be thanks to Taylor Swift.

Online gaming payment processors also recorded a huge surge in bets during this year’s Super Bowl. Paramount Commerce, the leading payment partner for sports betting operators in Canada, recorded 37% more transactions in 2024 than the previous year hitting over 200 thousand. The dollars processed also similarly increased hitting a a staggering $36 million. Paramount Commerce also reported a 31% jump in unique customers who used Paramount’s solutions during the Super Bowl.

Online gaming operators such as FanDuel shared that approximately 2.5 million FanDuel–a Super Bowl record–with 14 million in bets totaling $307 million. This brought a 40% increase from the previous year’s game for the online sports betting operator. 

With the latest report published by GeoComply, a Canadian compliance and anti-fraud company, it is safe to confirm that the Super Bowl interest amongst betting players turned into real online wagers. The company mentioned that a record-breaking 14.75-thousand transactions per second were recorded minutes before kick-off, beating the previous year’s record by almost two times. The Nevada Gaming Control Board also mentioned on their X account that the state’s 182 sportsbooks received over $185 million in wagers, setting a new record and a $32 million uptick from the previous year.

It is safe to say that Super Bowl 58 was an important sports event for the online betting industry in North America. This Super Bowl brought a lot of growth for iGaming and sports betting operators as well as their affiliates such as payment processors. With huge growth in player interest and wagers recorded this year, everyone is hoping to see if Taylor Swift will return to NFL games next year and if the same success will continue next year as well.

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