3 Reasons Why Instant Bank Transfer Is Essential For Live Sports Wagering

3 Reasons Why Instant Bank Transfer Is Essential For Live Sports Wagering cover

3 Reasons Why Instant Bank Transfer Is Essential For Live Sports Wagering

April 27, 2023

Canada’s online gaming and sports betting industries have grown at an exponential rate in recent years, especially in provinces such as Ontario where international operators have expanded their brands. And with this growth comes the need for efficient payment solutions that support an immersive gaming experience. Paramount Commerce’s Instant Bank Transfer payment solution is perfect for in-game betting or live betting which is growing in prominence amongst players. Here are three reasons why Instant Bank Transfer is essential for live sports wagering:

  • One-Click Repeat Deposits: The one-click payments feature offered through Instant Bank Transfer provides a convenient and streamlined solution for iGaming and sports betting operators and their customers. By securely storing a customer’s payment information and allowing them to make repeat deposits with just one click, this payment method saves time and reduces friction in the payment process. This feature helps to improve the user experience and increase customer satisfaction, particularly in fast-paced games like sports betting, where speed and convenience are highly valued by consumers.

  • Enhanced Security: In an industry where security is paramount, Instant Bank Transfer offers an added layer of protection against fraud and unauthorized transactions. By utilizing machine learning and AI algorithms, Instant Bank Transfer enhances its risk strategies to prevent fraudulent activities before they occur, leading to exceptional return rates. These advanced security features are crucial for players who want to feel safe and secure when placing bets online.

  • Trusted Brand: Apart from its innovative features and robust risk management system, Instant Bank Transfer is a trusted brand in North America that provides a lot of benefits for operators and consumers in Canada. Instant Bank Transfer has reliable bank connections in Canada, which allows consumers to easily fund their gaming wallets or withdraw their winnings directly to/from their bank account. The solution also offers a Verified Withdrawals feature that provides customers with a secure way to withdraw money straight into their bank account, regardless of what method was used to deposit the funds.

Paramount Commerce’s Instant Bank Transfer payment solution is a game changer for live sports betting. It not only provides merchants and consumers with innovative features such as One-Click repeat deposits but it provides them with strong bank connections and a robust risk management system that allows consumers to make secure transactions and enjoy an immersive live sports betting experience. Learn more about Instant Bank Transfer today:  LINK

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