3 Ways Our Team Will Support Your iGaming Business

3 Ways Our Team Will Support Your iGaming Business cover

3 Ways Our Team Will Support Your iGaming Business

May 12, 2022

Expanding your iGaming business in a new region or finding the correct payment solutions for your customers can be a difficult task, which is why having the support of an experienced industry professional is extremely important. The Paramount Commerce team consists of team members from all over the world who are acquainted with the international iGaming and sports betting industry as well as what payment solutions are in demand. Our team helps iGaming and sports betting merchants flourish by equipping them with the proper tools to be compliant, providing innovative payment solutions for their customers, and helping them grow their volumes. As a team that cares greatly about its consumers, here are three ways our team will support your business to succeed.

Understanding The Market

Entering a newly regulated iGaming market can be very challenging, especially when there are limited resources. The Paramount Commerce team will help you understand the market, its requirements, and also how to better reach your target consumers. Our team has helped merchants grow in continents such as Europe and North America. 

Most recently, our team supported many merchants in expanding into Ontario’s newly regulated iGaming market. Our team helped merchants understand that despite Canada already being an established market, regulated platforms were needed due to the rise in demand for consumer protection. The second key component in understanding any iGaming market is messaging. As many merchants were preparing to go live in Ontario, our team worked closely with them to understand that messaging will have to be different when compared with the US as Canada has its own unique characteristics. At Paramount Commerce we want to make sure your business thrives, which is why we work tirelessly to help you understand the benefits of moving into a regulated iGaming market. To know more about expanding into Ontario, click here.

Tools For Being Compliant

Apart from being acquainted with an iGaming market, it is equally important to meet its regulatory requirements. Our team works closely with regulators in different regions such as the US and Canada, which in return helps them in equipping merchants with the necessary information and tools to be compliant. 

Merchants who were looking to expand their brand in Ontario needed to know the proper steps to gain an operator license and understand what the provincial gaming bodies expected from them. As our team consulted with regulators about requirements set by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and iGaming Ontario, it allowed us to communicate with merchants and help them in understanding the best practices for iGaming advertising and marketing as well as responsible gaming efforts in the province. To know more about Ontario’s regulatory requirements, click here.

Choosing The Right Payment Solutions

Lastly, the most important component in understanding an iGaming market is what payment solutions are commonly used by consumers. In Canada, bank-account-based payment methods are preferred when compared to credit cards due to their higher acceptance rates, security, and no cash advance fees.

Considering the demand for bank-account-based solutions such as INTERAC®, INSTADEBIT, and iDebit in Canada, our team equipped online gaming operators moving to Ontario with these innovative payment solutions. These payment solutions, offered by Paramount Commerce, provide operators with strong bank connections, significant conversion rates, low processing costs, and a state-of-the-art risk management system. All of these features result in higher player acquisition rates. Additionally, all our payment solutions meet the regulatory requirements set by the Government of Ontario. To know more about our product updates, click here.

We will continue to provide merchants with the most required information, tools, and payment solutions which will ensure that their platform thrives. To make sure your business flourishes, speak with a member of our experienced team today, click  here.

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