Paramount Leadership Corner: Ontario’s iGaming Market Goes Live

Paramount Leadership Corner: Ontario’s iGaming Market Goes Live cover

Paramount Leadership Corner: Ontario’s iGaming Market Goes Live

April 4, 2022

After months of eagerly waiting, Ontario has officially launched its regulated iGaming market. With gaming being the largest segment of Canada’s entertainment industry, this is a huge first step for Canada’s regulated online gaming market. Ontario’s iGaming market is expected to not only create new jobs, but also be a base for other provinces and territories that might be looking to launch their iGaming markets soon. 

To celebrate the eventful launch, Paramount Commerce’s leadership has shared their thoughts.

“New beginnings are underway in Canada. With the launch of Ontario’s iGaming market, merchants moving into the province can expect not only a very active consumer base but high potential for revenue growth. Ontario’s launch will most definitely cause a ripple effect, encouraging other provinces to follow suit in launching their own online gaming markets. Our team will continue to support merchants through meeting compliance conditions and supplying innovative payment solutions.” – Dave Roe, Chief Operating Officer at Paramount Commerce.  

“Ontario’s iGaming market launch brings a lot of excitement. Our goal is to support merchants through all avenues possible. In anticipation of the launch, we have been making important product updates such as geolocation functionality and the bank account ownership feature to support our merchants to meet regulatory requirements.” – Akhil Mittal, Director of Product Management at Paramount Commerce

“A newly regulated market means new opportunities. We’re anticipating that Ontario’s iGaming market launch will bring additional merchants and consumers to the newly-regulated industry. Our team has been working hard to prepare for an influx of transactions for when the Ontario iGaming market goes live.” – Eddie Chan, Chief Technology Officer at Paramount Commerce.

“There has been so much anticipation for Ontario’s iGaming market launch. During this time, our team has been constantly in touch with merchants, helping them understand everything from regulatory requirements to advice on reaching Canadian consumers. We look forward to watching as their platforms thrive in this newly regulated space.” – Sereena Boparai, VP of Sales and Account Management at Paramount Commerce.

“This is the start of something amazing. Ontario’s newly regulated iGaming market brings both excitement and responsibility. To ensure our merchants have the best experience when entering Ontario, we have been ramping up our state-of-the-art risk management system which will help in fraud reduction and increasing throughput of legitimate transactions.” – Ryan Yates, VP of Operations at Paramount Commerce.  

“Regulation is a major turning point in the iGaming industry. It’s an exciting time as new entrants join the newly-regulated market. We are thrilled to be able to support our operators meet the new regulations, not only from a payments perspective but as trusted advisors on advertising standards and messaging for Canadian consumers.” – Kristi Lewis, Director of Marketing at Paramount Commerce.

“We have been eagerly awaiting the launch of Ontario’s iGaming market. Over the past few months, our team has been working with our merchants and helping them understand the benefits of expanding into Canada, which has a billion-dollar gaming industry–and growing. With an active consumer base, we anticipate that Ontario’s regulated market will bring a lot of financial opportunities for merchants.” – Izabela Wakabayashi, Chief Financial Officer at Paramount Commerce.

Paramount Commerce is a leading bank account-based payments provider which has been supporting iGaming and sports betting merchants worldwide for over 15 years. Our industry experience has allowed us to closely work with Canadian officials and international gaming merchants who are looking to move into Ontario. Our team will continue to support online gaming merchants by providing them with the necessary tools to meet Ontario’s iGaming regulatory requirements, while also setting them up with our payment solutions that comply with the province’s standards.

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