Does Drake Own Stake?

Does Drake Own Stake? cover

Does Drake Own Stake?

March 10, 2022

Although Drake does not possess ownership of Stake, the crypto gaming platform, it has established a partnership with the musician, highlighting the advantages of influencer collaboration in the world of online gaming.

The lyrics “Started from the bottom, and now we’re here,” by Canadian music artist, Drake, are apt for the international online gaming industry’s growth in the last few years. While many factors drove the industry’s growth, influencer marketing is one of the key marketing strategies that has helped gaming operators grow. Recently, crypto gaming site, Stake, showcased the pros of influencer collaboration when it teamed up with Drake, benefiting from brand awareness and potential customer acquisition.

Over the last few months, pictures and video clips of Drake playing casino games on the site Stake have become really popular on the internet. In these clips, the Canadian rapper can be seen placing huge bets on roulette or even on sports events such as Super Bowl 56 or UFC 272. Earlier this month, Drake and Stake made their partnership official through a social media post—announcing Drake as an official partner with Stake. Stake’s collaboration with Drake will help immensely in Stake’s brand awareness. Drake has an enormous presence on social media: over 100 million followers on Instagram and 39 million followers on Twitter. With Drake’s huge social media following, a Tweet or Instagram live showcasing the rapper playing a table game on Stake, is expected to drive a lot of traffic to the platform. 

Drake’s connection could also help Stake in customer acquisition and retention. As the online gaming industry grows, multiple companies have launched their own unique online gaming platforms which attract a mixture of consumers. Through this unique collaboration with the Canadian rapper, Stake is attracting attention. Utilizing Drake’s extensive audience base, Stake will now be a familiar name with an audience that was previously not familiar with its platform. This audience may now be interested in crypto gaming due to Drake’s involvement. With Drake’s becoming an official partner, Stake has presented a creative customer acquisition and retention strategy which can help in showcasing the unique features of a gaming platform.

Influencer or celebrity collaboration is becoming a very important marketing tool in the online gaming space. Stake’s partnership with Drake has shown how an influencer’s involvement can help in both brand awareness—the sizzle—and customer acquisition—the steak. With more gaming markets opening up, influencer collaboration will surely become essential amongst the online gaming industry.

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