Enhance The iGaming & Sports Betting Experience With Bank-Based Payments

Enhance The iGaming & Sports Betting Experience With Bank-Based Payments cover

Enhance The iGaming & Sports Betting Experience With Bank-Based Payments

November 30, 2023

As the online gaming industry continues its meteoric rise, payment solutions have evolved from an afterthought to strategic acquisition and loyalty tools. In a rapidly growing iGaming sector like Ontario, the integration of bank account-based payment solutions by Paramount Commerce can prove to be a game-changer for merchants and their customers.

Empowering Bank-Based Payments in Gaming

Bank account-based payment solutions have emerged as the bedrock of secure transactions in the expanding Gaming landscape, especially in regulated markets like Ontario. Paramount Commerce’s payment solutions such as INTERAC® and Instant Bank Transfer, facilitate swift, secure, and hassle-free transfers, benefiting consumers and merchants.

Reliable Payments for Gaming Enthusiasts

Credit card acceptance rates within Canada’s gaming industry remain comparatively low, compounded by associated cash advance fees that frustrate end-users. INTERAC® and Instant Bank Transfer bridge this gap, ensuring seamless transactions devoid of rejections or added charges. Robust bank connections in Canada enable users to effortlessly fund their gaming accounts or withdraw winnings directly to/from their bank accounts.

Innovative Deposit Features

Paramount Commerce’s suite now includes the pioneering One-Click deposits, offering unmatched convenience for repeat users. This innovative feature simplifies the deposit process, allowing players to seamlessly replenish their gaming wallets while engrossed in the gaming experience, fostering quicker transactions and improved user engagement.

Fortified Risk Management Support

Paramount Commerce’s state-of-the-art risk management system now integrates advanced machine learning technology, playing a pivotal role in fraud reduction and minimising rejection rates while maximising transaction volumes. Supported by a dedicated risk team and industry-leading data sources, this system continuously evolves to ensure the highest level of transaction security.

Promoting Responsible Gaming

Bank account-based payment solutions like INTERAC® and Instant Bank Transfer offer users a safer alternative by restricting transactions solely to available bank funds, thereby mitigating the risks associated with credit dependency, and contributing to responsible gaming practices.

Merchant Benefits in Ontario

For merchants in Ontario, integrating bank account-based payment solutions translates into substantial advantages. Paramount Commerce’s compliant solutions cater to regulatory requirements, providing essential features like bank account ownership verification and consumer location services, ensuring adherence to provincial regulations.

Solutions Built for Canadians

Paramount Commerce’s payment solutions, such as INTERACⓇ and Instant Bank Transfer, enjoy widespread popularity among Canadians. These well-proven and sought-after payment methods are pivotal in establishing a robust connection between merchants and their customer base.

In an era where there are multiple payment options, bank account-based payment solutions have emerged as the most efficient and beneficial for both iGaming merchants and consumers alike. Their ability to attract customers, foster brand growth, and offer a multitude of consumer benefits positions them as indispensable tools for expansion in Canada.

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